Builder BoF

See the hacking/BoF days page for time and location information.


We need to cover a number of topics for things that need to be worked on for the next year. In particular, what things are working, what things aren't, and how does that affect our roadmap.

Also, we'd like to get people familiar with the code base so that they may more easily contribute.


  • External device support
  • Simulators
  • Breaking libide (and libdazzle) into multiple libraries
  • Porting to Gtk 4
  • Language Server Integration
  • Keyboard shortcuts revamp
  • Git(lab) integration and workflows
  • Protecting users data from crashes
  • Global search UI
  • Refactor engine
  • BuildStream integration

  • Add your ideas here


Developers of and users of Builder that would like to contribute to making things better. If you're not currently a user of Builder, and would like to but something is missing you need, you're welcome to join us too.



People who are planning on or are expected to attend:

Blog Posts

Blog posts about the session:

  • We'll update this before/after the session

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