GUADEC 2018 Bid Document

Bid brochure for Lyon 2018

The quotes we have for the venue are nearly finalised, but we are still in discussion about the auxiliary services to be offered, some of which might be exclusive to the venue providers. This portion of the budget is still in discussion, and we might need to pull the bid out before the Board makes a decision if we cannot reach a compromise with the provider.

We also hope to have local sponsorship from companies from the thriving local Free and Open Software community of companies, as well as local and regional government entities. One of those possible grants is listed in the budget, more will be explored. We are also considering possible VAT rebates, though this is not something that would significantly change the overall budget (less than 5%), but will nonetheless be explored.

We also hope to have budgeting, payments and transfers for local services and products be handled through the GNOME-FR association. A general assembly meeting is due shortly to discuss that opportunity.

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