This page is meant to help GUADEC 2017 organizers plan for the newcomers lunch on the opening day: Friday, July 28, 2017.

Before Opening Day

  • Print out table top signs that say "Reserved for GUADEC Newcomers"

  • Print out a large sign that says "GNOME Newcomers". This sign could appear in pictures to help us with engagement purposes ;)

  • Identify and invite oldcomers that can be available to have lunch with newcomers so that we at least have some. Possibly include: Sri, Carlos, Bastian, Nuritzi, Neil, Alberto, Julita.

On Opening Day

  • Announce Newcomers Lunch during the opening ceremony. Say that we will meet at the front door (or location TBD) and walk over together 5 mins after lunch time begins. If people miss the group walking over, they can meet us at the cafeteria. Oldcomers can still join

  • Place reservation signs on two cafeteria tables at least ~15 minutes before lunch

  • Walk over as a group. Walk to the cafeteria promptly at 12:05 pm (<-- time TBD, should be 5 mins after lunch lets out), since lunch is short we can't wait too long to walk over. Hold the sign so people can identify you

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