This page is meant to help GUADEC 2017 organizers plan for the Games at GUADEC. These are meant to be held at the Picnic on Friday, July 28th.

Before the Picnic

  • Buy prizes to give out. These should be at most 5 GBP each. Buy around 5 - 10 prizes so that people have multiple chances to win. Examples: candy, tote bag, cheap Manchester souvenirs. The dollar store (1 GBP store?) is your friend.

  • Get balloons. See if Julita can bring GNOME balloons, if not purchase ~25 balloons.

  • Buy or gather other supplies. Identify which supplies you'll need to run the games. Buy anything that the local GUADEC team does not already have.

  • Bring a speaker. Bring a speaker and have a playlist ready. Music helps create fun ambiances :)

During the Picnic

  • Announce what time the games will be. If possible, have the games before dinner. If not, try to start them before it gets dark.


We can divide people into two groups, they must invent one geek name to have 1 point (the jury will say which one is better). Each group must have one color to differentiate to the other one.







Balloon Relay Race

Two people place a balloon between them and must run to a marker and back without dropping the balloon. First team to return without dropping the balloon wins.

15 ballooons

5 points each for the winners


Guess the word

We put two competitors face to face. Both has a word in the forehead and the other must guess. It is OK to sing, dance, act or describe clues to help guess the word.

60 cards that contains one word. The word can be Linux command, GNOME apps, contributors or events.

"count the right words"


Sum and code a password

Put in a board an incomplete sum to fill up and then propose a safe password using the ciphers of the result. The pass must be related to GNOME

two portable blackboards and 4 makers. We are going to propose 15 sums in total.

count the right sums with safe passwd


Burst the balloon

Since each group has a proper color, we are going to put 30 ballons in the floor and the members of the group will only burst the balloons with its color. The winner is the group who has no balloons of its colour at the floor.

20 green GNOME balloons and 20 red GNOME balloons

5 points to the winner


Train of balloons

groups of 4 people for each group will take the balloons into the arms and between their legs to go to another point of arriving

50 blue GNOME balloons and 50 white GNOME balloons]]

5 points for the winner


GNOME balloons

All people has two balloons of the color of his or her group in the attached in each ankle. The oppositor must burst the balloon. The winner is the group with no color in scene.

62 purple GNOME balloons and 62 yellow GNOME balloons

5 points for the winner

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