This page is dedicated to the newcomers activities scheduled for GUADEC 2017. If you're new to GNOME or GUADEC, we encourage you to participate in these activities as they are meant to help you get to know GNOME newcomers and oldcomers alike.

Registration Booth

Newcomers Badges

At the registration table, ask for a newcomers' sticker to add to your badge. Long-time GNOME community members will be on the lookout for people wearing this sticker and are eager to welcome you to the community.

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Friday, July 28th

Newcomers Lunch

Come grab a bite to eat with us on your first day! We'll have tables reserved at the nearby cafeteria and will have GNOME project leaders and long-time community members that will join you to eat and answer any initial questions you may have about the conference. We'll walk over as a group when lunch break happens, but you're also welcome to grab some food and meet us at the cafeteria on your own. Lunch is only an hour long though, so make sure you keep an eye on the time.

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Games at Picnic

What better way to make new friends than to fight to the bitter end against them, right? :) We'll have an assortment of competitions, along with prizes, to help break the ice. Past games have included things like marshmallow eating contests, balloon races, tug of war, and more.

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Saturday, July 29th

Newcomers Coffee Break

Did you miss the newcomers events on Friday? No problem. Or, even if you did do all the newcomers stuff - come grab coffee or afternoon tea with us during one of the breaks. Time will be announced during the sessions.

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Newcomers Trivia at 20th Birthday

Stop by the newcomer's table to pick up a trivia card and then fill it out throughout the night. Turn in your completed sheet for more raffle tickets and a chance to win something awesome.

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Sunday, July 30th

Newcomers Coffee Break

This is the last core day of the conference. Come for one last coffee or afternoon tea with your favorite bunch of new GNOME friends. Time will be announced during the sessions.

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