The venue for the conference days is the MMU Brooks Building.

We have a different venue for the unconference days.

Info for speakers

Video inputs for the projector are *VGA or HDMI only*. You need to bring an adaptor if you need something else.

Audio playback is possible with a 3.5mm audio jack.

  • Please test that playback ends up on the monitor for video recording. At GUADEC 2016 we had a lot of HW just to convert the line out to microphone in for the system to make this work. -- Note from Benjamin


The four lecture theatres (G.29, G.44, G.78 and G.86) all have a handheld radio mic and a clip on (tie) radio mic. The Multifunctional Hall (G.34) has a hand held radio mic and a headset clip on radio mic

  • For the AGM (and panel) it would be good to have at least 3 microphones in one lecture theatre. As nothing should be scheduled in parallel it is possible to simply move hardware in between rooms as long as enough microphone inputs are available in the lecture theatre. -- Note from Benjamin


In G.29 and G.44 (lecture Theatre 3 and 4) double power sockets are installed under the desks on each seating row apart from the disabled seating area.

We have a number of 4-way Euro socket strips, we are not allowed to connect any equipment unless it has been PAT tested but could keep the 4-ways at the info desk "just in case", or find a way to get them PAT tested.

Rooms and Floor Plan


Room allocations:

  • Main talk room: Lecture Theatre G29 (200 capacity)
  • Secondary talk room: Lecture Theature G44 (156 capacity)
  • Breakout space for hacking: Room G16 (fits ~30 people seated at tables, lots of power sockets)
  • Office: Room G89
  • Cloakroom: Room G87

We don't have a press room allocated. If we use the cloakroom for storage then the office can mostly be quiet & suitable for press to use. We probably don't have enough press attending to make it worthwhile paying for a whole extra roon.

The whole ground floor is available to us and includes the dining seating area, the "Spanish steps" (also good for sitting), and 4 small alcoves with tables and power sockets. There is lots of open space just outside as well.

In case we get way more than 200 people, there is a larger "multifunction hall" space that can hold up to 350 people. This is basically a sports hall though so it's better if we can use the lecture theatre. We need to notify the University at least 2 weeks in advance if we want to switch to using the larger space.

Terms and conditions

Venue terms and conditions: Venue_Terms.pdf


An incomplete list of things we need to set up at the venue.

  • Info desk
    • T-shirts for sale
    • Stickers
    • City maps (Sam has)
  • Sponsor tables -- venue are providing 5 tables and chairs for this
  • Schedule signs (venue may be able to help)
  • Unconference talk signup sheet (in hacking space?)
  • Lightning talk signup sheet (in hacking space?)

Signage is being partly done by the venue. Other signup sheets and notices are being tracked at ../Printing.

Equpiment needed

Power cords for info desk?

Notice boards:

  • One flip board - general posters / notices
  • One flip board - lightning talks
  • One flip board - open talk signup
  • One flip board - job board
  • One flip board - house points


  • 1 x registration
  • 1 x merchandize
  • 1 x sticker exchange
  • OpenSuSE
  • Codethink
  • ...

Confirmed no table needed: PIA, Google

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