• Designer
  • Shortcuts / Keyboard input
  • Accessibility
  • Text Rendering
  • GL Renderer
  • Animation
  • Layout
  • Effects
  • Reusable rows
  • Build system
  • Tiling states
  • Threaded rendering
  • Builder ui file format

Build system status

  • glib has both
  • gtk master has both
  • pango is done
  • gdk-pixbuf almost done

What we need:

  • meson best practice documentation
  • standardized option names


  • Christians ideas:
    • constraint-based layout + states + animation
    • moving from designing widgets to story-boarding
    • define transitions and animations
  • Layout plans:
    • make a per-toplevel constraint solver and have all widgets add their constraints there
  • States:
    • automatic states:
      • portait vs landscape
      • small vs large
    • custom states
    • some discussion about what level of granularity states should be at
  • File format:
    • consider moving away from GtkBuildable

    • use GVariant instead ?
  • Plan:
    • first land emeus
    • then look at adding states
    • do a ui designer for constraints
    • make it a requirement that new widgets work in the designer

Shortcuts / Input

  • Christian describes his shortcuts engine work
  • It is close to an event controller
  • Plan:
    • Do capture-bubble for key events
    • Add a shortcut event controller (based on Christians work)
    • Replace GtkBindings by event controllers


  • Benjamin describes the horror of the current a11y stack
  • We need to start over
  • Proposal: an a11y hackfest
  • An idea: make speech work on OS X using their native support, and then abstract it
  • Concern: if we move away from the current stack, all the other players break: qt, browsers, libreoffice
  • Writing a plan for what needs fixing and taking it to the board is attractive
  • Should atk be just aria?
  • Invent another crack layer to make current stuff work somewhat in flatpak ?

Text rendering

  • Will be discussed in detail tomorrow in the text rendering bofs
  • We need text render nodes and glyph texture caches
  • Christian Kellner is working on some of this

GL renderer

  • We need to port the vulkan work back to GL
  • Questions: do we want to allow custom effects with uploading glsl ?
    • probably not, we should stick to predefined, parametrisized effects
  • Do we want our own shader compiler ?
    • No
  • A problem still is how to combine the effects into a single program
  • We need more than one GL renderer: legacy, and GLES need to be separate
  • We need some flashy effects showing off GL
    • stack transitions
    • revealer transitions

Lunch break

Reusable rows

  • We need a way to give GtkListBox full control of child lifecycle

  • We need some hooks in the size allocation machinery to only keep visible children alive
  • A prototype exists in libdazzle

Popovers / Subsurfaces / Toplevels

  • Question: do we want to move popover in the widget hierarchy ?
  • Question: what kind of window do we create for it ?
  • Question: how do we fix the ifdef mess - make a GdkWindowSubsurface that somehow does the right thing

Release roadmap stuff

  • Keep GTK3 stable
  • Be flexible about minor API additions
  • Encourage people to use their own widgets if they need them
  • GTK4 roadmap

Animation api

  • ClutterAnimation is fine as a high-level api

  • Need to batch all the animation advancing and changes and invalidate everything at once
  • Add a new frame clock phase for this - need to figure out if this is necessary
  • Make invalidations fast, first
  • Consensus seems to be to not have this as a gtk4 blocker, but we should the plumbing in place


  • Effects will be implemented as new render node types as-needed
  • These render nodes will be used in widget snapshot functions
  • Blur would be a good example to use for an effect. Apply it from GtkOverview for an overlayed child

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