Flatpak Workshop

Learn how to distribute applications using Flatpak, the next generation application framework for Linux. This workshop is being run by AlexanderLarsson, Flatpak's lead developer.

In this workshop you will get some hands-on experience with Flatpak, learn how it works, and how to package and deploy applications using it. By the end of this workshop, you will have packaged an application of your own and create a Flatpak package for it.

Pre-requisites for attendees

Participants must be running a Linux distribution with Flatpak packages. We recommend using Fedora 26 (possibly in a VM), but there are packages for other distributions here:

Before the workshop, please try to install the latest GNOME stable platform and SDK (3.24) as described at:

Both will be available on the day, but it can take a while to download and install them.

It is also recommended that you have selected some application that you want to try to package.


If you wish to attend this workshop, please add yourself to the list below or contact the workshop organizer.

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