The opening talk!

Led by NeilMcGovern

Topics include

  • Reminder about capacity and making room for everyone
  • Social event schedule
  • Sponsor talk -- 5 minutes by Codethink (Paul Sherwood)
  • House system
    • Here's how it works. How many of you know Harry Potter? Remember the house system (Gryfindor, etc). Well we have our own GNOME-centered version of that this year. You'll have a chance to earn points for your house throughout the conference. Speakers, you can award points during your speech by asking the audience question, or awarding points based on good questions, etc. Just keep track of the house that earns the points and report them to the front desk as soon as you can. We'll keep a running tally of the points in the front.
    • On your badges you'll find one of 4 colors. This shows what house you're in. There are House Leads that will rally your group and who have been part of GNOME for a while now. Newcomers, if you ever have questions about how GUADEC works, feel free to ask your House leads. Here they are:
      • Purple (Rupert): Julita
      • Green (Gegl): Kat
      • Orange (Wanda): Sri
      • Turquoise (Wilbert): Alexandre
  • Food in canteen
  • Newcomer lunch on Friday
  • Sponsored breakfast Sunday
  • Open talks
  • CoC -- note that there is one, and ask support team to stand up
  • Videoing -- note that it is happening
  • Thanks to sponsors
  • Thanks to venue -- esp. for giving us Shed free of charge
  • water fountain next to reception desk
  • volunteers are those in red t-shirts

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