Thursday 27th: Welcome drinks & pre-registration

Several options. We expect about 150 people.

Kro Bar

  • Venue hire: free
  • Location: Oxford Road, fairly near to venue (~15 min walk?)
  • Room for ~100 people upstairs
  • Nice outdoors area at the back which we can have to ourselves if the weather is good
  • Management quite flexible
  • Food menu is decent

The Waldorf

  • Venue hire: free
  • Possible sponsored drinks for 150 people, 1 drink each @ £3.50 per drink: £525.00
  • Buffet sponsorship for 150 people: ???
  • Location: city centre, a long way from conference venue and accommodation
  • Room for 100 people comfortably, but we need about 150
  • Upstairs could get quite stuffy, and there's no outdoor area except the pavement outside

MMU Student's Union bar

  • Capacity for ~150 standing
  • ~10 mins from venue
  • Small outdoor area on pavement outside
  • Beer selection not great
  • Haven't yet checked if the date is free

University of Manchester student's union bar is closed for refurbishment this summer.

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