Saturday 28th: 20th Birthday Party

Public party page

At Museum of Science and Industry.

Venue available from 17:30 to set up, and from 18:30 open to guests.

Start time: 19:00 or 19:30.

Closing time 00:30, or later if we can extend.

To ensure people actually attend before 22:00 we need to provide food somehow.

Costs (inc. VAT):

  • Venue hire: £2160
  • Food and drinks options:
    • Bronze drinks package (£13.50 * 200 people) = £2700
    • Gold drinks package (£19.80 * 200 people) = ~£4000
    • Buffet: (£32.34 * 200 people) = £6468
    • 3 course meal: (£40.74 * 200 people) = £8148
  • We'd get the space until 12:30 (from what time?); although we could potentially have it open for longer, at extra charge
  • It's a fantastic space, with exhibits, big video wall we can put images on, space for a band or DJs

Before the Party

  • Buy a cake, preferably one with a GNOME logo on it
  • Buy enough utensils for cake cutting/eating
  • Make sure we have a photographer for the cake cutting
  • Find out if we can hang up butcher paper or get a whiteboard. Get enough pens for people to write with (maybe attach the pens with string and painter's tape so we don't lose them)
  • Make sure we a video to show on the video wall
  • Get props for the photobooth and figure out how we will take photos (can we get lighting, a background canvas, etc), maybe see if we can identify and recruit photographers to take 30 min shifts and make the photobooth available for 2 hours
  • Find a DJ
  • See if Federico would be willing to do a 15 mins interview on what founding GNOME was like with Q&A (?)

Activities at the party

  • trivia
  • photo booth
  • GNOME Love wall
  • video wall
  • founding stories from Federico?
  • DJ/music
  • birthday cake


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