Core team meeting 2017-07-10, at




  • Sam to get sim card and phone for emergency contact
  • Neil to contact all sponsors and see which perks they will be using
  • Sam to test double-printing the badges
  • Check with MOSI:
    • - if cake knife can be provided - what resolution and format for the video wall
  • Sam to try and source DJ, PA, band equipment


1. Code of conduct

2. Schedule

3. Room sizes

4. Sponsors

5. Merchandise & printing

6. Birthday party, social events

7. Newcomer activities & Engagement Stuff

Meeting notes

Code of conduct

Allan has been contacting people; Rosanna and Ben are willing to be part of the team.

It would be good to have someone from the local team -- Sam can join if needed.

Sam can find a mobile phone and SIM card to use.

Allan also requested a mail alias for use when reporting incidents.


jrb's talk has been 90 minutes long in the past -- can we extend? Neil is happy to shave 15 minutes off his.

Will we have a break between these two talks? Probably not a scheduled one although there should be time to slip out between them if needed.

1 TBD slot still to fill -- Sam will contact one of the "standby" papers.

Matthew Hodgson hasn't confirmed his talk by email, but has now confirmed to Allan he will be attending

Room sizes

We have 190 people registered, and still 2 weeks to go to the event. This is great!!! but means we will be over capacity.

The only larger room available in the building is actually a sports hall, which will not be great for holding talks.

Mostly our attendees are split between two rooms anyway, but for plenary sessions we'll have to be aware of capacity, and close the room if it gets too full.

This also affects our merch orders -- let's work with 230 for orders from now on rather than 200.


3 more sponsors confirmed -- the budget is now looking healthy.

We don't expect more sponsors at this point (perhaps beyond sponsored drinks at one of the social events).

We need to contact each sponsor and see what perks they will be taking up (table, banner, 5 minute speech during opening, etc.)

Merchandise & printing

Status of:

  • water bottles - waiting on supplier
  • tshirts (inc. volunteer shirts) - 1 week, usually
  • stickers - nuritzi to bring
  • other merch
    • umbrellas - in progress
    • sunglasses - probably not
    • balloons - sam going to check with julita
    • lanyards - provided by codethink. sam to double-check numbers
    • badge pouches - provided by codethink. sam to double-check numbers
    • bags - 50 ordered

Badge printing -- we print the badges in colour as a first step, then print the names separately.

Some printing can be done in the Codethink office, but we will probably need a print shop for a lot of stuff. Let's start with the MMU print shop.

We are 2 1/2 weeks out at this point -- let's set the printing deadline for 1 week's time (Monday 17th July). By this point all the information on the badges (talks & social event schedule) will need to be final

Roller banners -- how many? We promise platinum & gold sponsor logos in each talk room. We also want some "GUADEC" signage around the entrace. It would be good to have a banner with all sponsor logos as well.


  • 2 x platinum & gold sponsors

  • 1 x all sponsors
  • 3 x generic GNOME / GUADEC

Stickers -- Nuritzi & Carlos have some but these are for other events. Nuritzi can get more printed -- around 100 of each hex sticker.

Birthday party & social events

Cake -- we need to order this. A big 20 or GNOME Foot would be good, or a panel cake with the 20th birthday logo printed on.

The 20th birthday logo should be finalized in the next couple of days.

Candles ? A knife ? Hopefully the venue can provide -- need to check.

Venue is now available til 01:00.


  • DJ needed if we're going to finish late
  • 90's music while cutting cake -- Nuritzi will do an hour playlist that can be played offline

Talent show

  • we need a couple of good people lined up in advance to make sure it's a success
  • band setup would be ideal

Directions for social events. Is an address enough?

Providing a guided group walk from the Brooks Building to the venue at a set time seems a good option -- the badge just needs to list the time.

We also have 100 city maps to give out, which have cover nearly the whole area we need (we'd need to mark the social event locations ourselves, the info desk can help).

Newcomer activities

A flip chart for keeping score -- the venue can provide an extra flip chart by the info desk.

Contacting speakers to ask them to put questions at the end of their talk -- Nuritzi can write the mail, Sam can send to all speakers.

4 houses -- Wanda, Rupert, Gegl, Wilber

Social media schedule -- we do have one which isn't being followed right now. Nuritzi interested in coordinating @gnome with @guadec : talking to Pedro (ironfoot) in GUADEC is the best way.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be Monday 10th July at 18:00 BST (possibly starting earlier -- check in #guadec on the day).

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