Core team meeting 2017-06-19, at




  • Nuritzi and engagement team to plan newcomer initiatives
  • Sam to look at DJ for MOSI
  • Sam to organize printing of water bottles and lanyards
  • Sam to decide on T-shirt supplier and get colour palette
  • Sam to contact The Shed to discuss BoF rooms
  • Sam to contact TBD folk
  • Allan to finalize T-shirt designs
  • Alberto to contact Qualcomm


1. Invite letters

2. Printing

3. Sponsorship

4. TBD slots

5. BoF schedule

Meeting notes

Invite Letters

The examples at from 2014 are split into a sponsorship letter from the Foundation and a separate one from the local organization. Do we need to do this, and do we need more detail in ours?

We think that a combined letter is fine. It's important to have sufficient detail in the letter of course.

  • Sam can contact travel-invitations-committee to confirm this.

Social Events

We are still working these out, Javier and Lene are leading.

Newcomers at GUADEC

We want to make sure newcomers are well looked after at GUADEC.


  • Welcome people to the project and allow them to participate
  • De-mystify the 'rockstars' and show that everyone is approachable
  • Allow interns to meet up with mentors
  • Allow newcomers to bond amongst themselves


  • Newcomers lunch on the first day, with reserved tables and some willing 'old hands' to sit at them with the newcomers
  • Some kind of game/competition that involves finding things out by asking other people at the conference some questions, perhaps with a prize
  • Buddy system where at registration you can be given someone to chat with from a waiting pool of volunteers
  • Games in the park, football
  • Ice breaker at pre-registration event
    • how many people attend that? not everyone
  • Pub quiz at 20th birthday or somewhere else, with teams organized by us
    • not too long so that people can also chat in their preferred groups
  • "Continuous integration" of newcomers :-)

  • Identify new people with stickers to say "Come talk to me"
    • it's not hard to identify someone who needs a friend, with or without stickers
  • Identify 'welcome ambassadors' with stickers so new people can talk to them
    • might not be enough

What has worked in the past?

  • Newcomers lunch -- idea was great, execution last year was
    • not
  • Games -- people always enjoy these


  • We have a possibility of getting free dev board from Qualcomm;
    • we would need to pay customs tax to receive them though
  • If they ship from the US then someone visiting from there
    • could bring them
  • Alberto will check where they ship from

Other points:

  • It's important that we promote the newcomers initiatives in
    • advance of the conference

Who is leading on this?

  • Hopefully the engagement team!
  • Javi and Lene are planning events so will decide where the games will be hosted

20th Birthday

We should organize a DJ! Sam can look at this.


Water bottles -- we can do these now, just send them the logos.

Lanyards -- we should get these as only about 40 remain from last year. GNOME generic ones or 20th anniversary ones? It'd be nice to reuse them but people don't seem to return them.

Banners with sponsor logos -- we'll order these about 2 weeks before the event.

Should we put sponsor logos on T-shirts? We don't normally, it would require a quicker lead time than is probably possible, and didn't commit to doing so in the brochure.

BoF schedule

We should put out the call now. We should confirm with the venue first whether our room allocations look sensible.

Sam to contact Hayley & Paul at the Shed.

TBD slots

We have 3 TBD slots. We want to invite talks which specifically involve other projects. In the first case we'll invite the Ubuntu, LibreOffice, and KDE/Flatpak talks.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be Monday 26th June at 18:00 BST.

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