Core team meeting 2017-06-06, at




  • Allan to look at posters again
  • Allan to look at workshops and BoFs

  • Allan to find out who provides merchandise at info desk
  • Javier and Lene to book evening events
  • Sam to book MADLab
  • Sam to push discussion of schedule changes


1. Keynotes

2. Schedule

3. Evening events

4. Posters, T-shirts (and other design)

5. Pre-GUADEC Foundation meetings

6. Sponsorship

7. Ramping up

Meeting notes


We still only have one keynote confirmed.

We have approached various folk for the second keynote slot: so far Julia Reda, Cory Doctorow, Alp Toker and Maceij Ceglowski have all been unavailable.


Given that we have a surplus of talks submitted by attendees, and the schedule is very full already we will remove the second keynote slot.

The proposed panel looks unlikely to happen due to lack of interest from potential participants. We can remove this too to allow ending earlier on Saturday in time for the birthday party.

Jonathan's "History of GNOME" talk could happen at the party ? Depends on what he prefers.

Allan proposed changing the order of Saturday slightly.

The second keynote slot could be used to invite some of the talks that were rejected by the papers committee. We need to do this soon if so so the speakers can make travel plans.


We need to do the call for BoFs soon.

We'll need to divide some of the rooms in order to have enough space.

Allan has done an initial BoF schedule page here: <>.

Who can we recruit to run workshops?

  • Newcomers workshop -- Kat? Carlos Soriano?
  • GTK+ application development -- Mattias?
  • Flatpak packaging -- Alex?

Allan can contact these to see if they are interested.

Evening events

Booking for these is ongoing, Javier and Lene are working on this. has details of what is booked.

Posters, T-shirts, design

Poster needs to be wrapped up ASAP. Allan can look at this.

Gary Perkins has done some T-shirt designs and will propose them on guadec-list.

Jakub has a design for a Flatpak T-Shirt we should also print and sell.

In previous years the info desk had various other bits -- there was a button printing machine last year for example, and stickers. Where does this come from? Allan will chase and find out.

Pre-GUADEC board and advisory board meetings

Allan discussed using MADLab for this with the board & they like the idea.

Sam will try to book the top floor of MADLab for the two days before the conference.


Not much news.

Discussion of how to include more sponsors in the party. Codethink have sponsored $7K towards the party, we need to recognise that relative to the other contributions we receive.

Ramping up

We could do with handing some tasks off to other people, as the workload is only growing.

Ideally more people could join the weekly call and become "core" organisers, but it's hard to find people who are interested in that.

What tasks can be done without being part of the core team?

  • Merchandise and printing -- stuff like water bottles and t-shirts
  • Social media
  • Lanyards
  • Organizing a sim card and mobile phone for onsite contact

Next meeting

Next meeting will be Monday 12th June at 18:00 BST.

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