Core team meeting 2017-05-22, at




  • Allan to look at posters again
  • Javier to book evening events


1. Schedule

2. Evening events

3. Posters (and other design)

4. News items

Meeting notes


Finish earlier on Saturday to allow time for birthday party at 19.30.

Need time for group photo -- before or after AGM works best. Before AGM means everyone is there. After means there's less time to faff.

Saturday ends too late -- the party aims to start at 19:30, but the AGM is timed to finish at 18:50. It's a 20 minute walk to the venue, and people will want to drop bags and such first. Is there a cloakroom at MOSI?

Extend Friday or Sunday -- probably Sunday so we can have football match & games on Friday.

Various options:

  • change one of the "history of GNOME" / "GNOME to 2020" talks to happen at the party
  • move one of them to Sunday

We are still waiting confirmation from some speakers.

There are last-minute talk slots every day at 16.15.

Evening events

Football Friday / Sunday?

Pros and cons for both -- seems weird to have activities on the first night of the conference? On the other hand, it helps newcomers to meet people. We will still have a barbeque Friday night which everyone can attend.

Final plan (subject to availability):

  • - Friday: city tour1 / match / games + BBQ - Saturday: party - Sunday: city tour2 + curry mile


Who's the audience? Coworking/hackspaces e.g. MADLab. University CS departments. Computer shops?

Various ways to interest people but different per audience.

Allan will look at the list of talks that are accepted and do another revision.


We should start regular news posts. First off, the birthday party needs to be announced.

Next meeting

Next Monday (29th) is a bank holiday and Sam and Allan are both away.

So next meeting probably Monday 5th June at 18:00 BST.

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