Core team meeting 2017-05-15, at




  • Neil to contact keynote speaker to organise travel


1. Posters and other design 2. Catering 3. Sponsors 4. Keynote speaker travel

Meeting notes


Allan is busy and hasn't had time to do much.

The poster is the most pressing thing -- Sam will revisit it.


The University are now offering the same deal as they offered us before where we have the canteen open with a minimum spend but no staff costs.

There is still the issue that it's University canteen quality food. Allan is keen to see if we can provide lunch of a higher qualtiy using food trucks parked on streets near the venue.

We'll ask the University to open the canteen, on the basis that it'll be easier to cancel that later on than to try and organise it last minute.


Sunday breakfast sponsorship still unconfirmed. This affects whatever our plan is for catering.

A potential sponsor are keen to have a booth but don't have the resources to contribute at Silver level. We could perhaps have them sponsor the birthday party instead and set up their booth there?

The tables and booths generally don't work that well at GUADEC. We have them set up for the duration of the conference but people spend most of their time in talks. Most tables aren't staffed either.

  • We should try and pick points in the schedule where the tables will be the focus of attention, and sponsors can ensure the tables are staffed during those periods if they want. Coffee breaks are the likely points.
  • Make a daily announcement during the conference reminding people to visit the tables
  • Contact sponsors who can have tables in advance of the conference to see what they'll be doing with them


We still need to organise travel and accommodation for one keynote speaker. Neil will contact by email.

Next meeting

Next meeting is Monday 22nd May at 18:00 BST.

Alberto and Neil will be unavailable for this one.

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