Core team meeting 2017-05-08, in Red Hat's Blue Jeans instance




  • Allan to finish posters and think about badge and T-shirt designs
  • Alberto and Allan to contact possible food trucks
  • Sam to clarify with University how food trucks would work
  • Sam to estimate what printing we need and get quotes
  • Sam to try to find out where the cameras that were bought for the Strasbourg conference have ended up
  • Neil to contact keynote speaker to organise travel

Meeting notes


We can keep registration open up til the start of the conference, but we need to know rough numbers by 19th June so we can work out which room to use as the main lecture theatre. This means we need to push people to register during June.


We will need to pay staff costs of around £500 a day to have the on-site canteen open during the weekend. The food in there is relatively cheap (~£5 for a meal) but is fairly standard University canteen food.

Can we get food trucks instead? We may not be able to park these on site due to University rules, but there are quiet streets nearby that we might be able to use. Could we pay an extra cost to waive the "no external catering" rule?

There are some supermarkets, cafés and takeaways near the site. plus one small restaurant, but we need to provide something as there is not capacity to feed 200 people within an hour (especially on the Sunday).

Alberto and Allan have some contacts who could quote for this.

The café on-site is a separate thing, we can have this open 9AM-4PM given a £250 minimum spend. We should go ahead with this.


We have one confirmed keynote. We need to organise their travel and accommodation.

We are looking for a 2nd keynote speaker.

Birthday party

Invites have been sent to all current and past Foundation members.

Should we send to more people? E.g. Friends of GNOME donors? Perhaps there's too much overlap between those and the people we already emailed.


We need to do posters, we have a draft already. Badges and T-shirts would be good to sort too. Allan will look at this.

Getting design sorted this month would be good so we keep June and July free for other things.


We need to print...

  • badges, either with each name already there, or with a blank space to write in names by hand. The registration system can fill in a badge template with the name of each registrant.
  • schedule -- on the badge?
  • sponsor banners -- probably 5 roll banners
  • the posters
  • t-shirts

We will need a printer on site for last minute signs.

We also need 5 minute/10 minute warning signs for the talk rooms.

Talk videoing

We have at least one volunteer for filming and editing the talks.

We need to be clear what we can achieve -- will the editing be done in a reasonable time?

The University are looking into whether we can get a feed from the audio systems in the lecture theatres into our cameras.

Some conferences have quite sophisticated setups for this e.g. CCC and FOSDEM -- can we get them involved?

It's important to get the title splash done right so it shows speaker name, talk title and sponsor logos.


Talks ongoing. We have some confirmed sponsors who still need to pay.

Next meeting

Next meeting is Monday 15th May at 18:00 BST.

Sam is on holiday this week and only available by email.

Alberto will be unavailable next week and the week after.

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