Core team meeting 2017-05-02, in Red Hat's Blue Jeans instance




Meeting notes


1. Birthday celebration 2. Other evening events to be booked: Thursday pre-reg, Friday walking tour, Sunday football & barbeque 3. Budget so far & sponsor update 4. Registration deadline 5. Lunch options & extra cost 6. If time: tasks from

Birthday celebration

Discussed with Engagement Team folk, notes here:

Other evening events

The games event is a good way for newcomers to meet people -- should we do it earlier instead of on the Sunday? On the other hand, it works badly for existing contributors who already know each other and just want to go to a bar somewhere.

Discussion of Kro Bar for preregistration event.

Possibility of a trip to the Curry Mile as an evening event.

Closing registration

The venue want us to close registration a few weeks before the conference starts so they can be certain about room allocations. This isn't how GUADEC usually works -- Sam will go back & see how we can avoid this while meeting whatever restrictions they have.

Next meeting

Next meeting is Monday 8th May at 18:00 BST

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