Core team meeting 2017-04-24, in Red Hat's Blue Jeans instance





  • Allan to send birthday party invites
  • Allan to clarify "developer experience track" to paper committee
  • Allan to help Sam with poster
  • Sam and Javier to tie down evening event venues, including start times
  • Sam to mail foundation-list about CfP extension, and close CfP at 11:00 UTC tomorrow
  • Javier to chase Friday night venues further
  • Sam to ask Rob K for more info about GNOME beer options and prices

Meeting notes



We've extended the call for talks until April 24th. In fact we'll close it at 11:00 UTC on Tuesday 25th.

We plan to have 34 talk slots and 6 more "unscheduled" slots -- these allow people to propose topics on the day which are then voted on by attendees, and the highest voted talks go ahead at the set times. These were a success last year.

[We have 70 talk submissions so far].

The papers committee is made up of 7 or 8 people from the GNOME community, selected from different teams to ensure diversity of talks and opinions. Over the next week they vote from +2 to -2 on each submitted talk.

Do we have a way to coordinate their selections with commercial organisations that have an interest in the conference? No.

We have interest from the Advisory Board in having a "developer experience" track. GUADEC talks are always biased largely towards developer talks, so this might be more of a branding exercise? We generally have 1 developer track and 1 community track, although we're not explicit about this.

Keynotes: we have 2 of these. After lunch or before lunch? Sometimes they are after lunch and are poorly attended -- but we have lunch at the venue this year so that might not be an issue. Nobody has strong feelings here.

Panels: we are looking at running a panel (or two) of folk from GNOME's history discussing the past and the future. We can make an hour for this -- 2 panels of 4 people each would work well. Will we sponsor folk who participate in this? The idea is that we will, but it's not clear what budget that would come from yet. It's part of the 20th birthday celebrations so we may be able to use funds from there?

Schedule times: we have the venue booked til 18:00 on Sat and Sun. Last year talks began at 10:00 and finished at 19:00. This year... it's good to start late as folk arrive late, but our evening events need to start fairly early so we have to compromise here. Running 9:30 to 18:30 might be a good compromise. We should find out what cost implications are for the venue too.

Kat will have a full schedule in 2 to 3 weeks.

20th birthday party invites

The invites are ready (thanks Andreas!), Allan will send this week. What time should we say? 19:00 is safe enough, we might actually start later but we can allow guests in from 18:30.

Evening events

Kro Bar for the welcome drinks & preregistration: might be a bit too small for 150 people, good for 80. But we don't have pictures of the upstairs rooms. Javi and Sam will visit tomorrow and also do important investigations into the food menu.

The Students' Unions are worth investigation, although they might not have outdoor areas.

Sunday: we can book the Sugden sports centre, and the International Society.

Friday: City Tour we can organize this week. We don't yet have a club venue for the party afterwards, but we have options.


We haven't had a price estimate from the proposed supplier yet.


We have a draft. Allan will help Sam improve it this week.

We also need to find a printer.


Some progress.

Next meeting

Next Monday (1st) is a bank holiday in the UK, not everyone is free.

We'll meet at 17:00 BST (16:00 UTC) on Tuesday 2nd May instead. /

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