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  • Allan to post call for papers reminder on
  • Neil to set up budget spreadsheet
  • Sam to send visa invite letter (done)
  • Sam to send out initial poster design

Meeting notes

Agenda: ongoing tasks from

Announcement and Promotion

Call for papers still needs to be announced on

Birthday party invites

Andreas N has agreed to design these.


We have several possible keynote speakers, probably enough for now.

We are not sure exactly how many keynote slots we should have, and it depends partly on how many good talk submissions we get. Probably 3 though.


The University cannot give us more rooms beyond what we initially requested.

We are waiting for an invoice for the 2nd deposit.

It seems we got the Travel Committee booking wrong, and they will want rooms on the Thursday night before the conference. We won't have enough of these. There We'll mail the travel-committee list and think about ways around this.

Birthday party at MOSI

  • We'll book the room as soon as we have sponsorship money in from Codethink to cover the deposit.
  • Available 18:30 to 00:30 -- they are looking into the cost of getting a license to open later than that for us.
  • We need to provide food somehow, otherwise folk will want to go for dinner first and will probably not arrive til 22:00
  • Estimated £6000 for buffet dinner for 200 people (£25 a head). This is expensive.
  • We don't want to require everyone to pay in advance for the party as it will exclude some people, £25 plus drinks isn't cheap
  • We're getting extra sponsorship money from Codethink specifically for the party which already covers some of the cost. Other sponsors would hopefully be be willing to put in a bit extra for this event too.
  • They don't allow us to bring in our own caterers.
  • Worst case we could organise food vans on a street nearby.

Visa invite letter

Neil has written one, we will send it out.


Talks ongoing, several have confirmed now but only 1 has signed/paid so far.


Our UK account now has inco

Social events

We need to start pinning this down more.

Preregistration / welcome drinks (Thursday)

  • Joshua Brooks would be good
    • We've since discovered that this isn't available Thursday, only Sunday
  • Waldorf possible but not ideal
  • Still need to figure this out

City walking tour / bar/club event (Friday)

  • We could book somewhere in town if the walking tour finishes in town
  • Aatma is an option

Football / games / barbeque (Sunday)

  • Good to have the football game on Sunday
  • Football at Sugden Sports centre, early evening (7?)
  • The International Society is a nice low-key venue where we can provide food and drinks ourselves, a good counterpoint to the Saturday which will be quite expensive for everyone
  • If it rains there's not a huge amount of space inside

Unconference days

  • Sandbar would be good for Tuesday night, we can book their side room

Unconference days and workshops

We have 3 spaces to play with, info here:

We've had up to 7 parallel sessions in different rooms in the past, we won't be able to provide exactly that setup this year.

Workshops require a separate room. Big BoFs may also need dedicated space. Others are just small groups (4-10 people) and would work fine (and may even be better) in a big shared space.

Do we have enough space to have workshops? We think so, if we are careful. Do we have people who want to organize and run workshops? This also matters.

Newcomer's workshop -- we should do this, Kat has volunteered, Carlos Soriano might be someone else we could approach.

Other workshops ... Flatpak? Rust? where's the line between a workshop and a BoF? There is a difference, one is more of a directed tutorial.

We can put a call out to see if people are interested in running any of these.

Next meeting

Next meeting is Monday 10th April at 18:00 at

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