Core team meeting 2017-03-27, in





  • Alberto to blog reminding people to book accommodation
  • Alberto to instigate old-timers panel
  • Allan to work on invites for the birthday party
  • Allan to announce call for papers on
  • Javier to arrange visits to the various venues on Thursday
  • Sam to contact accountant now that we have some income
  • Sam to see if we can also visit The Shed on Thursday
  • Sam to work out an invitation letter

Meeting notes

Agenda: ongoing tasks from

Announcement and Promotion

Call for papers announced on; also to UK Linux User Groups via, to Manchester Free Software & MANLUG via their mailing lists; and to LWN calendar.


The March 31st deadline that the University gave us is now here.

Quite a lot of rooms are still unbooked, this is not a big surprise as we're still 4 months ahead of the conference but it suggests we don't need to book too many more.

Alberto is doing a group booking for Red Hat which would probably fill 2 houses so we could request 2 more houses and leave the ones we currently have for sale.

We should post a reminder ASAP.

The 2nd deposit is also now due. We need to decide whether to ask the Foundation to pay or whether to pay out of sponsor money we'll receive from Codethink. There may be tax implications either way. Neil prefers to save on the USD/GBP conversion fees if possible.

Birthday party

Allan will ask Jakub to design invites for the party.

We need to do a site visit this week really. Javier can organise this. Thursday lunchtime works OK for everyone.


This ties in with the above -- can we sell it or give at away at any of the venues? And under whose license?


Some ideas, nothing new confirmed.

Idea of having a panel of former contributors.


Talks are continuing.


Neil has some ideas and will be contacting people during March.

We now have a UK bank account so we can invoice UK sponsors.

Invite letters

We are already being asked for invitation letters. Marketing Manchester sent a template but can't do anything further.

Apparently we just need an appropriately written letter with various details of one or more of the organising team.

Next meeting

Next meeting is Monday 3rd April at 18:00 at

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