Core team meeting 2017-03-13, in




  • Allan and Sam to draft call for papers announcement based on last year's
  • Allan to find someone to design birthday party invites
  • Allan and Oliver to look at putting news posts on the front page
  • Sam to add a note to on how to get in touch if you have problems registering.
  • Sam to organise Shed site visit for April

Meeting notes

Agenda: ongoing tasks from

Announcement and Promotion


Registration is open, just waiting to announce it.

We allow logins only GNOME, Fedora or Google accounts will that be an issue? Both Fedora and Google accounts are open for signups, and most folk already have a Google account so we don't see major issues.

We should add a note on how to get in touch if you have an issue with it.

Call for Papers

Call for papers also needs to be announced; this will be done next Monday.

We want to broaden the CfP a bit from last year's.

There's interest in a "developer experience" track. We are only planning on having 2 tracks though, it probably won't work for us to arbitrary limit what can go in one of them. Really a "developer experience" focus would come from us having lots of good quality papers on that subject, so let's just encourage it explicitly in the call for papers.

The papers committee need to be in the loop about all this.

Birthday party

The engagement team met on Friday to discuss GNOME birthday celebrations. Not much to report, other than that engagement team members who are at GUADEC will be willing to help with the Manchester birthday party event.

They will also be doing online celebrations around August, this could be tied in with GUADEC a bit. A photo booth is one idea.

Allan is in both teams so will be our point of contact.

We are leaning towards booking the Museum of Science and Industry now as the venue. The cost if we don't cover food or drink costs is £1800 which is not a huge risk.

We should confirm the opening times and details of exactly where we'll be and what bits of the museum would be open to us.

Priority is getting invites designed for the party and sending them out. Allan will try to get a graphic designer to do this. The same person may be able to design the posters for us.


Talks are continuing. We have a bronze sponsor confirmed this week.

It's not clear how many will be confirmed in times to go on the posters if we are still aiming for an early April deadline for printing and distributing those.


Neil has some ideas and will be contacting people during March.

We now have a UK bank account so we can invoice UK sponsors.


There's now a "News" item on

We need semi-regular news posts: sponsor announcements, keynote announcements, travel and accommodation info, and general interesting stuff about Manchester.

This should really be on the front page, we can get Oliver to redesign the front page a bit.

We also need to keep doing Twitter. Allan may get time to schedule a bunch of twïts.

Shed site visit

We still need to visit the BoFs venue. It's hard to schedule this, Sam will try and contact the right people at the University.

Video recording

We've not thought about this yet. Need to begin looking into it.


We want a good T-shirt design that makes people actually want the T-shirts. Should we do a T-shirt design contest? We did this for GNOME 3 and apparently the quality of submissions was generally low...

Bastian Ilsø has designed the T-shirts in the past, let's speak with him.

Next meeting

Next Monday is the GTK+ hackfest in London so Allan, Alberto and Neil aren't available.

We'll meet on Monday 27th at 18:00 and possibly also later in week 12 if need be.

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