Core team meeting 2017-03-06, in





  • Sam to draft registration announcement
  • Neil to finish sponsor brochure

Meeting notes

Agenda: ongoing tasks from


Registration: nearly there.


  • should we also ask ethnicity? As a blank field, or a list of choices? If a list, where do we get an appropriate list?
  • age range data is less useful than actual age, so we should ask exact age?

Paypal: who has access to the Foundation PayPal account? If any problems are reported with registration payments we'll need someone to check what was actually recevied by PayPal. We think that PayPal receipts are emailed somewhere. Rosanna Yuen is the best contact if we do have any problems to investigate.

There are still some cosmetic issues with but it's mostly ready.


We need to draft a registration annoucement. This needs to make it clear that the deadline for securing more rooms at the University is very soon (end of March) so folk should book early to avoid disappointment.

We'll do separate registration and call-for-papers announcements in the hope of getting more press coverage than if we did a single press release for both.

Bank account

We now have one, and it only took 4 months!


Should we include the full costs for the parties in the sponsor brochure?

It's more likely to get multiple companies to sponsor the birthday party than a single entity -- it's expensive and it's not clear why it's better to sponsor that than to go for normal Gold or Platinum conference sponsorship.


Talks are continuing, Neil is mostly leading.

Birthday party

There's an engagement team meeting on Friday to discuss GNOME birthday celebration.

Next meeting

Next meeting is Monday 13th March, 18:00 at

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