Core team meeting 2017-02-27, in




  • Sam to sort out a Wordpress login for Neil
  • Sam and Lene to supply more accurate numbers for events in the sponsorship brochure

Meeting notes

Agenda: ongoing tasks from

Announcement and Promotion

We announced already in a few places.

We didn't make a press release yet; that can happen when registration opens.

We'll start local promotion after 1st April when we can print posters.


The new regcfp is deployed at

We are just waiting on Patrick Uiterwijk to provide the identity system that we are going to use.

Sponsorship brochure

GNOME ASIA is going to happen after all, so we need to rework this again.

Neil is on the case here: <>

Event figures are still a placeholder, we need to put in real ones.


Talks are continuing.


We haven't approached anyone else; there are some more ideas.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be Monday 6th March at

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