Ideas for GUADEC 2017

Keynote speakers ideas

  • Julia Reda

    • German based
    • Politician focusing on copyright reform in European Union
  • Nicholas Tollervey

  • Alan Cox

    • Not sure if he gives talks, but may well be able to recommend someone that would
  • Francis Irving

    • Again, not sure if he gives talks, but will know people who might
  • Alex McLean

    • Makes music through live-coding; so only tangentially related to GUADEC but interesting to coders
    • Based in Sheffield
  • Clare Sutcliffe (MBE)
    • ED of Raspberry Pi
    • co-founder of Code Club
  • Michael Meeks
  • Frederico Mena
  • Richard M. Stallman

    • Free Software Foundation, Inc.
  • Neil McGovern

  • Mike Little: Manchester based, co-founder of Wordpress project. Not sure if gives talks.

  • Someone from BBC Micro:bit or Raspberry Pi

  • Maciej Ceglowski -- too busy this year (next year is possible though)

  • Speaker from Interpol on the trade-offs of personal privacy and law enforcement (DaveNeary has a friend who works and speaks in this area)

  • Speaker on marketing and communications - constructing a compelling narrative (again, DaveNeary has a friend who could be invited)

Places to reach out for potential speakers & attendees

Ideas & feedback from previous years

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