SysAdmin Team Report

This is what the SysAdmin Team hopes to present at the AGM during GUADEC 2017.



  • BIND to NSD / Unbound migration, we now have a redundant set of external and internal authoritatives / resolvers
  • New services hosted: ODRS
  • StartCOM to Let's Encrypt + Gandi SSL certificates migration
  • Hosts decommissioned: (previously known as
  • Mailman upgrade to 2.1.23 (introduces support to properly handle e-mails sent to domains having DKIM enabled)
  • Puppet 3 master has been setup, hosts running RHEL 7 (or newer Ubuntu releases) are configured to pick it up as their puppet server by default
  • Servers warranty renewals happened, thanks to the GNOME Foundation for making this happen
  • Just one host left running RHEL 5 (we're pretty much on RHEL 6 and 7 everywhere)! Ubuntu hosts are running 16.04.2 LTS
  • New initiatives launched: CI/CD with Jenkins
  • cgit move to Gitlab: production and testing instances have been setup, pilot program about to get started
  • OwnCloud to NextCloud migration

  • New aarch64 box has been provisioned and made available to interested parties
  • FedOAuth to Ipsilon migration, using your GNOME account on websites supporting as one of their available OpenID providers has never been easier!
  • Offsite backup facility has been provisioned and hosting all the GNOME machines backups, thanks Fedora Infrastructure Team!
  • Puppet code refactoring
  • The GNOME Infrastructure Team is proud to mention we're never been so stable and reliable as during these 4 past years! No major outages, no downtimes that affected the productivity of our community and developers, well done everyone!

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Finalizing the cgit to GitLab move in case the pilot program we'll be launching soon will be a success and the feedback from the community positive

  • Finalizing the last RHEL 5 host decommission
  • Try to bring new members to the team. If you're interested in helping out please read this out.


  • None at this time. We unfortunately did not have a team event since several years now.

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