Engagement Team Report

This is what the Engagement Team hopes to present at the AGM during GUADEC 2017.


  • Nuritzi & Carlos


  • Newcomers initiative (Carlos & Bastian)

  • Website (gnome.org) & Wiki Refresh, events website template

  • Release Parties and budgets for them
  • SCALE 15x booth, targeted events page
  • SWAG Centers
  • Look into having numbers around social media engagement (current social media stats)
  • Use the time to convince people to go represent us


  • Global integration: GNOME Engagement planning has been very US and European-centered. We'd love to support our international communities better and have more global integration and are starting projects around that, but we need help! How can we promote people who speak other languages.
  • Looking for social media and marketing folks!!
  • Are there efforts around Ubuntu's Unity / GNOME announcement? What does that mean for our community?
  • Design resources and materials to help designers get onboarded
  • Non-technical onboarding and local outreach support

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