Docs Team Report

These are the items that the Docs Team would like to highlight during the team reports section of the AGM at GUADEC 2017.

Team accomplishments

  • More contributions: we're seeing slightly more docs contributions coming from some developers, translators, and the Ubuntu docs team, as Ubuntu is going to reuse more of the upstream docs content in the upcoming release as part of their switch from Unity.
  • HTML5 work on yelp-xsl is now in master.
  • We opened the system administration guide for translations.


  • Decreased contributions: There is a steady decrease in the number of docs contributions across the project and the docs suite. We are having hard time organizing team events due to people being busy with their day job or otherwise unavailable. Attracting new contributors to gain a momentum is something we need to focus on.
  • For GUADEC, we're organizing a newcomers workshop for docs writers and translators:

Join us! We'll be meeting in Hack cave 3 all day Monday and Tuesday.


We plan to pilot a docs string freeze period for GNOME 3.26.1 and 3.26.1 minor releases, to allow for more translation work to be finished before doing the minor release.

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