Make your first contribution to GNOME


Ever wanted to contribute to GNOME, but got stuck at some step? Here is the chance to contribute to GNOME. In this workshop you will make your first contribution to GNOME. It will be a hands-on session and include retrieving and building the code, looking bugs, updating the code and submitting it finally.

Long Description

This workshop aims to get people make their first contribution to GNOME. Often people get struck at the very first step towards contribution to GNOME. It will cover educating people with jhbuild such that they can build GNOME application successfully. It will be a hands-on session and include retrieving and building the code, looking through associated 'newcomers' bugs in bugzilla, updating the code to debug the application and making the patch file and submitting it finally. This will also include sharing basic git knowledge to carry out the tasks listed above.

What Do Participants Learn?

Participants will be able to make their first contribution. Thereby kicking-off for the further significant contributions.

Participants Requirements

Please bring the following things with you:

  • A laptop with GNOME Desktop, Git installed and WLAN already configured.
  • A power cable if you need one.
  • Participants need to run a recent Linux distribution. Recommended - Fedora 24, Ubuntu 16.04.
  • Familiarity with git and OOPs.

Organizational Requirements

I will need the following items for conducting this workshop:

  • Projector
  • White Board

Workshop Duration

Half day.

Min/Max Attendees

Based on number of volunteers we have. Assigning not more 4 attendees per volunteer.


KunalJain, AmishaSingla


Sponsoring Company


Travel/Accomodation Sponsoring Needed

Yes, since we are student, so no source of income for us :-)


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