Creating Lint Bears with coala


coala is a simple COde AnaLysis Application. Its goal is to make static code analysis easy while remaining completely modular and therefore extendable and language independent.

Long Description

coala can perform code analysis through Bears and in this workshop, I will focus on how to create your own Linter Bear. A Linter Bear provides an interface to the actual linter executable and through an awesome API which coala provides, it makes linting files very easy process.

For example, this is an HTML Lint bear which provides an interface to html-linter. During this workshop, participants will choose a Lint executable for which a bear hasn't been created in coala-bears and the complete process of creating a bear and getting it accepted into upstream repository will be demonstrated to the audience. So, with this workshop people new to FOSS community will also be benefitted.

What Do Participants Learn?

The participants will learn the process of creating a Lint Bear for coala and get hands on knowledge to contribute to an open source project.

Participants Requirements

  • A fully charged laptop with Git and Python 3.x
  • Github Account

Organizational Requirements

I will need the following things:

* Projector * A Whiteboard and markers.

Workshop Duration

Half Day

Min/Max Attendees

Maximum should be 20.


Karan Sharma


Karan Sharma is in 3rd year, Computer Science major from India and have been dabbling with Python since 2 years now. I have been involved with Coala since Feb' 16 and have contributed in creating several lint bears. In my spare time I do web development with Javascript and Python.

Sponsoring Company

None, I'm an undergradudate student.

Travel/Accomodation Sponsoring Needed

Yes, as mentioned above I'm still a student, it would be great if some sponsorship is provided.


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