We are considering having workshops before the conference. These would happen on the day before the conference (probably Friday, maybe Thursday). The Workshops have two purposes:

  • raise Money for the conference
  • allow newcomers to get (first) experiences



  • Student (free)
  • Foundation Members (free)
  • Professionals/Other (100€-200€/workshop)


  • Sponsored by a company or volunteers
  • Company names can appear in the context of the workshop if the tutor is paid for the work

Likely to Happen

  • basics (GTK+/git/contributing) (Lasse, GNOME.Asia usuals)
  • gstreamer (Olivier Crête)
  • xdg-app, apparmor (Alexander Larsson)


  • community management (Janet Swisher, Mozilla/Shaun McCance)

  • advanced GTK+?
  • Wayland (GTK+/Mutter/GStreamer people)
  • systemd(/kdbus) (Lennart, Harold?, generate some specific Ideas)
  • glib/gsettings/dbus (Allison Lortie)
  • how to use WebKit APIs (Gustavo Noronha)

Prior art

2006: There were also workshops in later years too.

There are regular workshops for newcomers at GNOME.Asia.

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