Volunteers Roles

For most tasks, you don't necessarily have to know everything, you just have to know who knows. Local persons will be helping volunteers.

  • Session chair: the session chair sits in one of the rooms where talks happen. They introduce speakers, keep track of time, hand over the microphone to attendees asking questions …
  • Info desk: people at the info desk will sit near the entrance of the event, handle registration, hand over tshirts to attendees, and will be asked random questions by attendees (but local people will be here to help answering these questions!). This is a great way of meeting lots of people.
  • Runner: this involves "running" (walking, cycling, …) to go fetch things or people (go buy $something in the closest store, go bring new batteries in room A, find $someone who is not answering his cellphone …)
  • Cleaning: at the end of parties, after the conference and after the BoF sessions, we'll have to move away chairs, put stuff in the garbage, and so on. That doesn't sound very glamorous but it's not as hard work as it may seem and can be done quickly if we have enough people. Don't worry, you won't have to mop the floor.
  • Sport: bringing the balls, bibs and bottles of water from the storage to the court, keeping score, …

Volunteers List

Please add your name to the timetable.

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