Ideally we would like to work together with the CCC VOC Team. There is a local who could help, but he might be moving away by GUADEC, so we don't have a confirmation at this point. We'll need to ping them again.

Requirements from their side:

  • A couple of hours to set things up on the day before
  • Making sure they have working internet early on
  • Storage! We need to store a couple of cubic meters of equipment.
  • Shipping. We will need to ship the equipment on Monday to Bonn for FrosCon

  • Insurance for the Equipment
  • At least one volunteer savvy enough to trust with audio mixing and equipment
  • We need a digital Schedule for streaming and things like that
  • We need to provide artwork
  • More info on their

We need someone to make sure all the requirements are in place!

Fallback Plan

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