Coming to GUADEC 2016 with Kids

If you're bringing kids to GUADEC 2016, and would like to have some advice or assistance with them, or interested in connecting with others for play dates, please add your name and their ages to the list below. Including their ages is important.

  • Parent, Age
  • Marina Zhurakhinskaya and Owen Taylor, 16 months old

Things to do in Karlsruhe with Kids

Schlosslichtspiele Karlsruhe: The palace in the city center is being lit up every night after dark with laser lights and music. Appropriate for older kids. Free.

Miniature Steam in the Schlossgarten: Within walking distance of the venue, in the palace gardens is a steam train, that runs from 13:00 until 19:00 daily. Appropriate for all kids. 2 to 4 EUR per kid/person.

Playground: Within walking distance of the venue is a nice large playground for picnics and play time. Appropriate for young kids. Free.,8.4113394/@49.0140942,8.4075528,879m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

Zoo: Karlsruhe has a zoo and beautiful botanical gardens in the city. There's a big playground, car and boat rides, a hill to climb and look out over the town. Appropriate for all kids. 10 EUR entrance fee. Kids 6 and up are 5 EUR.

  • The main tram link close to the zoo is closed due to construction. Either take the bus or walk from one of the closer by stations.

Swimming: There's a number of pools in Karlsruhe, accessible by the local trams. The Europa Bad is a mini waterpark. In addition there's swimming in open air pools along the Rhine River.

  • Tram 1 towards "Oberreut" get out at "Europahalle/Europabad" (not to be confused with Europaplatz)
  • 5 Slides, children area

  • Tram 6 to Rappenw├Ârt (last stop, some Trams might turn around earlier)
  • 3 Slides
  • large and powerful wave pool
  • smaller pools for playing and also for small children

Turmberg: In the Durlach part of Karlsruhe, there's a cable car that goes up to an old watch tower with an overview of the city.

  • Tram 1 to "Durlach" to the last stop "Durlach Turmberg"

Museums: There's several museums in Karlsruhe. Little kids often like the Transport museum, where they can drive and watch model trains, see old cars, and so on (only open on Sunday morning).

And there's lots of other museums too:

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