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  • have a volunteers (announce-style) mailing list - Kat
  • get volunteer info out way earlier, even if the timetable is not available - Kat
  • good number of t-shirts, maybe a little fewer, also take into account the sizes that the organisers wear - Kat
  • We didn't thank our volunteers in the closing compared with last GUADEC - jkang

Badges (name tags)

  • if badge has no IRC nick, make name larger - Kat
  • split long names over two lines automatically - Kat
  • _way_ too long/low, it's difficult/awkward to be surreptitious in looking at people's stomachs when you forget a name - Michael
  • Bold text is easier to read from a distance - Philip C
  • Excellent idea to put wifi login info on badges - Philip C


Good things

  • the mix of 30- and 45-minute talks worked quite well, avoided having many talks end early while allowing more time for speakers who wanted it - Michael
  • good amount of breaks built in to the schedule - Michael

Things to think about for next year

  • 1h for lightning talks? - Kat
  • should leave 2 hours for lunch, attendance at the keynotes was very low - Michael
  • it was hard to know which unconference talks had been accepted and where they were - Allan
    • announce them at the closing of the previous session; don't forget to update website - Ben
  • Maybe schedule keynote before lunch rather than after. - Rosanna
  • Intern lightning talks earlier in the day so the interns get a fresher audience - Philip C


  • worked nicely. if conference length is a concern, I would cut the third BoF day before cutting workshops. - Michael


  • it was good to have free food, tea, coffee - Kat, secondad by Allan!
  • too many GUADEC t-shirts, don't go for too many even if they're basically free - Kat
  • FOSDEM leftovers went down well, requests for baby stuff - Kat
  • need to keep that water cooler stocked with disposable cups, the mugs were not convenient - Michael
  • it was fantastic to have a range of GNOME t-shirts and swag to buy - Allan
  • live video streams were amazing - Allan; seconded by Philip C
  • would have been good to have made the sponsor logos more prominent in general - Allan
  • Newcomer lunch/dinner needs a group reservation - Nuritzi
  • Newcomer lunch/dinner might make more sense with more old people leading multiple small groups - Ben
  • Badge machine was great! Love the "I was at GUADEC Karlsruhe" pins in particular. - Rosanna
  • Appreciated the signs from the hotel leading to the venue. - Rosanna; seconded by Philip C
  • Very happy to see the water cooler. BYO water bottle to use instead of plastic cups might be a good idea for the future. - Rosanna
  • Suggestions for local restaurants, especially alternatives to hotel breakfast, would be appreciated - Philip C
  • Wifi worked really well - Philip C

Fixable things mentioned

  • Redo name splitting by using inkscape features:
    • Inkscape will reflow text correctly when using a text field. This way we can avoid the whole name splitting thing in regcfp. (Font size has to be static for this though, but that is the case) – Ben

Could have been improved on the fly if someone had asked for it:

  • More plastic mugs would have been available from the janitor, but only I knew where – Ben
  • Hackarea was too small (feedback wall at GUADEC); we could have brought in one or two more tables – Ben

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