Nautilus Past, Present and Future BoF


  • What has been done in the past and why. Transition from Nautilus 2 to Nautilus 3
  • What users perceived as errors in the past and why. Dual panel, type ahead, etc.
  • What was the vision in Nautilus 2 vs Nautilus 3
  • What have we done in the last 3 releases.
  • What was a good thing, why, and how do we know.
  • How many contributors were active and why they contributed.


  • Where are we.
  • What is our current vision.
  • Why Nautilus grabs the attention of Linux users?
  • Why is Nautilus important in a world that we no longer work with files, for example, in OSes with most gaining users like Chrome OS or Android?
  • How many contributors are active and why they contribute. What contributors enjoy, what they don't and how we can improve contributors experience.


  • How we can improve community bonding.
  • How we can know what most people miss and why.
  • How can we keep legacy users happy.
  • How can we make transition of changes smoothly.
  • What do we want for the future of this file manager.
  • What about the desktop part of Nautilus.
  • What are the most challenging changes in Nautilus that we want in the next 3 releases.

Time and Room

Check the BoFs page as it may change.

Expected Participants

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