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Maps, like lots of other apps in the free mapping community, recently got shut out from the MapQuest free tile server.

We've gotten a very generous offer from MapBox during the interim time (for the next 12 months).

We've gotten access to an account that let's us use 100 000 "map views" a month. For good or worse we're much more popular than we thought and if we follow the current trajectory we'll end up at around 1 million "map views" a month. We're currently discussing with MapBox how we can move forward, if it's possible for GNOME to help MapBox in some way etc. But we might need to start thinking about alternative ideas, like hosting our own servers or trying to collect funds for continuing with mapbox.


  • Current status of tiles in Maps (short verbal presentation by Mattias)
  • What do we do if Mapbox can't support us with for free?
  • What do we do after the first year?

Time and Room

Room 118, 10:00

Expected Participants

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