Discussion of the 'wider ecosystem' problem

Easy to write json and build, but what do you do then ?


  • have a curated app store that people can submit their own build repos for: flatpak app store
  • have a ppa-like build service where you can upload a json file and get a repository in return: flathub
  • use OBS for building ?


  • legal review
  • bandwidth and storage cost
  • server hosting

Developer workflow for build service:

  • upload json file
  • server builds
  • get back repository

Developer workflow for curated appstore:

  • build app locally
  • upload bundle
  • app goes into review queue
  • after review, it gets published

App store needs policy for naming conflict resolution

Docker hub as existing example

Flatpak app store should be a place to find stuff

Flatpak app store should be a place to see the 'official' builds

Concern that distributions will want to control and rebuild everything

Review is very hard without the sources, in that respect building everything from a json file is much better

Another aspect that is required for legal review is to maintain license information and source code urls

Action items:

  • license compatibility information
  • go back to the gnome board to evaluate feasibility and resources
  • explore alternative organisational umbrellas: linux foundation, kde
  • scope work
  • evaluate Richard's prototype
  • list resources
  • design flathub experience

~ Coffee Break ~


Cosimo wants to have a way for apps and runtimes to declare that they require certain dbus services.

Endless also needs a way to ship session services in flatpaks. Similar issue for exporting

Idea: let runtimes export services, maybe require bus names to be prefixed by the runtime name+branch.

Another use case is tracker. Opinions on tracker are that full-text indexing your entire home directory should be an explicit system service

Discussion with tracker team from devexp hackfest: data store should be per app, mining should be broken out

Another example: kde apps require some services that should be provided by the core os

Can we have private services inside sandboxes that take bus names without conflict ?

Discussion around goa and how this should work / be replaced by the sharing portal.

Action items:

  • Research exact details of kde launching and services
  • Research what happens when launching gnome apps in kde
  • Make exporting pluggable

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