Cockpit BoF

User Experience, Getting started, Inregration Testing, Cockpit for Workstations, Desktop integration

Building UI in the Web Browser.

  • Moving Server configuration UI out of GTK+
  • Remoting DBus
  • Fleet Commander Web Sockets use of Cockpit
  • Use of Cockpit on a Desktop, seamless auth.
  • Fleet Commander CI integration

Time and Room

Check the BoFs page as it may change.

Expected Participants


Fleet Commander is built on Cockpit (yay).

  • Stef, Alberto, Andreas, Oliver
  • We talked about the design
  • Demoed Commander
  • Worked on WebSocket interaction with SPICE

Fleet Commander Integration testing

  • Dominik, Miro
  • Integration testing of the whole Fleet Commander stack similar to Cockpit

Kalev Lember started on UI for Firmware Updates

  • Stef, Kalev
  • Wants to call out to a client that get the update data from the repository, and then uses the DBus API to perform the actual update.
  • Accessed DBus API from Cockpit proof of concept code.

Talked with Lennart about fixing issues in system

  • Lars, Stef, Lennat
  • Want to fix Unit file creation via the systemd API. An issue which we had to work around while building the timer UI in Cockpit.

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