Women's Dinner

The sixth annual women's dinner at GUADEC will take place on August 8th, 2015. We will meet right outside the venue after the AGM and go together to the restaurant. We will either walk or take the tram to the restaurant as deemed appropriate.

Women (cis and trans) and genderqueer people are invited to attend if interested. Having a women's event provides an additional opportunity for women in the community to meet each other, and establish a connection and a trusting environment for discussing common problems. In particular, in a community with few women contributors, women with any experience level often enjoy knowing and having an informal mentorship relationship with women who are more established as contributors than them. A women's event is conductive for making such connections. You can learn more about why women in free software find events for women valuable in this article.

Please RSVP for the Women's Dinner by adding your name here.

  1. Rosanna Yuen

  2. Magdalen Berns

  3. Emily Chen

  4. Julita Inca

  5. Lauren Perry
  6. Nuritzi Sanchez

  7. Rashi Aswani

  8. Siska Iskandar
  9. Adelia Rahim

Organizational Notes

  • Dinner organizer should send individual e-mails letting women and genderqueer people attending GUADEC know about the dinner, so that those who are not interested in attending don't get multiple e-mails in the thread. (Using BCC is another option, but there is a risk recipients won't get the e-mail in their inbox.)

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