This page is for sharing ideas that would make GUADEC 2015 more awesome or for general input you want to share with the local organizers before the conference.

Please note just because an idea is listed does not mean that it will necessarily be impmented and please note we are looking for serious and realistic ideas.

The organizers are on a regular basis reading the GUADEC Checklist so its not very useful to sugest ideas that is already listed on that page.

GUADEC 2015 Ideas

  • Have a sign at the venue(s) that en encourages people to use the #GUADEC2015 hashtag when tweeting about the conference
  • "Bug Auction": Come and talk your cause about why Bug 209568-something is important for you. At the bug auction anyone may bid on it and help you resolve it! -bastianilso
  • "One day trip": Usually happened after the conference, all the foreign speaker can get together and have a trip together, if the budget is tight, everyone can pay their own bill
  • "Love and Hate wall": To gather feedback from participants by encouraging people to write down their thoughts and comments on a white board
  • "Sports Game": Football, basketball, pingpong, badminton etc, like a mini Olympic during the conference
  • "Best talk in GUADEC": Could be a online survey that everyone can vote for the best talk in GUADEC, small gift for the winners
  • "Ice-cream death competition " Cool and fun to have in Summer. Who eat the ice cream at the shortest time, will be the winner.

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