Sport Hackathon - Awesome prizes for everyone!

Sunday 9th at Slottskogen Park 7:45 p.m.

* If you are interested in participate please add your name here!.

* If you have suggestions contact Carlos Soriano (csoriano AT gnome DOT org) or Julita Inca (jinca AT gnome DOT org).


2 Teams of 2 people will have to hold a balloon between them and reach the finish line before all the other teams!

If the balloon falls down, you lose.


2 Teams of 2 people play volleyball withouth hands!

If the balloon falls down, you lose.


Easy peasy, put a bag on your body and move forward.


Balloons in the middle, everybody stands around them and on alarm, the one that explodes the most wins!


Teams of 3 people. One of the participants from each team will be blind folded and has to compete with two people from the other team. The blind folded person has to destroy the balloons that the other team is holding in their hands within a limited area. The first team that destroys all the balloons wins!

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