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  • needed more t-shirts for volunteers

  • new system for assigning volunteers will be made by Patrick
    • allow volunteering on registration
    • allow self-assigning to slots
    • allow specification of t-shirt sizes (with the caveat that it might be completely ignored)


  • Using a larger font for the name would be very helpful.
  • Shorter lanyards so the badge is at the chest - Cant read them dangling down by the stomach.
    • Stares at chest level are not always appreciated, DebConf offer a badge clip as an alternative to lanyards, which is probably the best solution. There are also enough badges for 2016 so can otherwise only be resolved in 2017.

  • Why did we stop putting the IRC nicks on the badges?
    • RESOLVED - IRC nicks were added to the system
  • Would be neat to have stickers that attendee could put on for individuals to self-identify as volunteer, first-time GUADEC attendee, speaker, etc.
    • A simple color code (ex: colored dot stickers that are often found in office supplies) could work


Good things

  • Having the interns' lightning talks on the first day helped to put names to faces.
  • Ending on the general lightning talks session was great - it felt informal and lighthearted.
  • We allocated enough time for the AGM.
  • The schedule felt relaxed, particularly the long lunch.
  • The days didn't feel like they went on too long (possibly helped by the long lunch). Starting at 10:00 felt much nicer than 9:00.
  • Having schedules end at 19:00 lead to no downtime until evening events. I never felt bored. (BoF days ending at 18:00 had that problem to an extend).
  • Keynotes after lunch worked well - they were well attended.
  • The venue's universal display output converter (all variants of HDMI, displayport, etc.) in the main hall was brilliant. We should have these in our event supplies.
  • More than usual talks from other communities (Meson, FreeIPA, LibreOffice, Rust), this felt great. Want more of this for next year (hearing from the guys maintaining GNOME 3 in FreeBSD would be great for example).

Things to think about for next year

  • The lunch break was too early for some people.
  • The talk slots were often too long (including the keynote sessions), although this wasn't universal - some ran to time or even overran. Should we cut down the time?
  • More lightning talks?
  • Three conference days feels a bit much. We could aim to have something like two conference days and three well attended BOFs days.


  • Eating out was quite expensive. Specially dinner. We've done two expensive countries in a row, we should really consider something cheaper for next years.
  • T-shirts design is too simple and small, hope next year the local team could make a better one.
  • Registration at first day is too slow, wish we could use more quick way, such as using several phones to scan bar-code at the same time.
  • It would be nice to open up the BoF days, particularly to new contributors. Ideas for this:
    • Rename the BoF days to "hack days" or similar.
    • Ensure that a general hacking room is advertised.
    • Set up a noticeboard where people can advertise topics that they are interested in working on.
  • We should encourage photographers to provide pictures for use on the web. It would be great if a request could be made at the start of the conference, for photographers to:
    • Try and take general purpose, promotional pictures.
    • Tag them so we can find them (using GUADEC keywords on G+, Flickr, etc).
    • Upload them ASAP.
    • License them in such a way that they can be reused.
  • Missed the running Twitter feeds shown at the registration desk, etc. that we had in previous years.
  • Videos were uploaded impressively quickly, great job!
  • Maybe try to convince Jakub to bring one of his multi-rotors next year, so the group photo won't need to be taken through a closed window :P

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