GUADEC 2015 Social Events

August 7th - Picnic in Slottsskogen

TIME: ~19:45 - late

Picnic in Slottsskogen. Light food (in limited quantity) will be provided.

NOTE: A condition for the Picnic to take place is that the weather is decent (no rain).

August 8th - Jerntorgets Brygghus

TIME: 19:30 - late

Jerntorgets Brygghus. Adress: Järntorget 4.

NOTE: Drinks & Food is self-founded.

August 8th - Women's Dinner

The sixth annual Women's Dinner is being planned. Need to find a good location for it.

August 9th - Sports

Our annual football match at Heden, 20:00.

Also, there will be the Sport Hackathon at Slottskogen Park 7:45 p.m. If you are interested in participate please add your name here!.

August 10th - Kviberg Tour

TIME: 16:00-19:30 (Expected duration)

We gather outside the BOF venue and take a estimated 30min ride with public transportation to the northeastern part of Gothenburg where here will be a tour of the Kviberg area. Its something for those who enjoy walking and large green fields.

NOTE : A condition for the tour to take place is that the weather is good (no rain). A backup-plan will otherwise be announced.

August 11th - Biljardpalatset

TIME: 20:30 - Late

Here its possible to round off several days of conferences and BOFs with a round or two of Pool.

NOTE: Pool playing is a self-funded activity. The current price for playing is 75 SEK/per person, per hour.

Unknown date - Bike ride

What are good options for a bike ride? Up the Göta älv river to the waterfalls by Trollhättan? Some other place?

(We can take the train back...)

Hiking/biking in the Delsjön area.

Bike to Särö; locals say it's a beautiful ride.

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