GnomeAsia BOF session


Monday, August 10th 10:00 - 16:00


  • Sate of the the community
    • Briefing & History - Emily Chen

    • FOSS Culture from different country - Indonesia Estu
    • Open Source Community in China - Emily Chen
    • How can we strengthen the community and increase interest about GNOME contributions in ASIA?
    • Collaboration with other local Free & Open Source Communities

      • Lessons learned from past collaborations
        • FOSS.Asia, COSCUP, FUDCon
      • Ideas for possible future collaborations
        • FOSSASIA, OpenSUSE.Asia, LinuxCon Japan, Open Source Japan, Banglore

    • How can the Foundation better support the Asia Community?
  • What interest China/Asia about GNOME?
  • What are current state of Asia support in GNOME and how can GNOME better support the Asian market.
  • GNOME Fans as Prize ?
  • GNOME.Asia Schedule



Notes - by OliverPropst

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