To obtain a letter of invitation for an event, please send an e-mail travel-invitations-committee AT SPAMFREE gnome DOT org. This is an archived private mailing list for a small group of people handling invitations for GNOME events.

Please note that the letters of invitation come from Linux Logistique, not from the GNOME Foundation. If you are sponsored by the GNOME Foundation, the GNOME Foundation will provide a letter confirming your sponsorship.

Please cut and paste the following into the e-mail and provide all the answers:

  • Name and address of the embassy or consulate general where you will apply for the visa:
    • For GUADEC 2014, here is the information for the French embassy and consulate generals in India

  • Full name, as it appears on the passport:
  • Last name:
  • Pronoun (he or she):
  • Dates of stay in the city where the event will take place (check in date - check out date):
  • Name and address of the place of stay:
    • For GUADEC 2014, the place arranged by the GNOME Foundation is Foyer de l'√Čtudiant Catholique at 17 place Saint √Čtienne 67000 Strasbourg France
  • Links that show your involvement in GNOME (blog, commits, mailing list archives, and/or Bugzilla history):
    • If you have approved sponsorship by the GNOME Foundation, you don't need to provide these.
  • Reasons to be at the event:
    • For GUADEC 2014, only provide the title of your talk, if you have one accepted.
  • Date of birth:
  • Passport number:

If you have approved sponsorship by the GNOME Foundation, please include the following information, which will be cross-checked with the travel committee:

  • Amount sponsored for air travel:
  • Number of nights sponsored for accommodations:
  • Dates for the nights sponsored (check in date - check out date):
  • Is the sponsorship full (does it fully cover the cost of the inter-city - usually air - travel and the nights you need to stay for the event):
    • For GUADEC 2014, a lot of travel sponsorship is partial

Sample Invitation Letters

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