Lightning talks:

As every year, GUADEC will host a round of lightning talks during the core days of the conference.

If you would like to give one (or more) lightning talk (5mins) during GUADEC 2014 in Strasbourg, please put your topic, name and email address as below:

  • [Topic] - [Name] - [email-address]

Proposed lightning talks (12 maximum):

  1. Cockpit: The Server UI -- Stef Walter --

  2. FOSS Flight Controllers for Multirotors -- Jakub Steiner -- jimmac gmail

  3. GNOME Software -- Kalev Lember --

  4. GNOMEs Promotional Videos: Behind the Scenes -- Bastian Ilso --

  5. Life of the Foundation treasurer -- Kat --

  6. Examples to follow -- Zeeshan Ali -- ZeeshanAli

  7. coala: Language Independent Static Code Analysis -- LasseSchuirmann --

  8. Crypto sucks! GPG, TLS, CA, Tor! -- DSpindelLjungmark --

  9. MusicBrainz: discovering new musical relationships -- DavidKing --

  10. Be or not to be an organiser, that is the question -- JulitaInca --

  11. Video games integration in GNOME -- AdrienPlazas --

Waiting list:

If you have any question, please feel free to contact the GUADEC papers committee.

You can submit more than one talk, but depending on the number of submissions, the organization may reserve the right to ask you to pick just one.

The floor will also be open for last minute submission right before the lightning talks session starts.

What is lightning talk?

A Lightning Talk is a short presentation given at a conference or similar forum. Unlike other presentations, lightning talks last only a few minutes and several will usually be delivered in a single period by different speakers.

For more details, please go to

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