• 15 minutes between each talk was a bit too long. (AllanDay - I agree. The 15 minutes was largely a result of the rooms being further away at the original venue. )

    • I think 15 minutes was perfect because it meant that the volunteers were not rushed off their feet and there was time to grab a tea (or coffee) between talks. It also reduced the issues with talks starting late or overrunning. The proper "breaks" were too long and it would have been fine without them. - Kat
      • I think breaks are great on the first day when everyone wants to network and connect with each other. This is not really the case on the other days. - karen
  • There were some comments that the AGM open floor should have been held at the end of the day, to allow time for it to run longer (we held this session before lunch).
  • Splitting the AGM into two sessions seemed to work well - it gave more space for the open floor.
  • The AGM should be held on the weekend, as some Foundation members cannot take time off work to attend for the weekdays. - Kat
  • I thought that having keynotes before lunch worked really well - it meant that attendance at the keynotes was higher, and it prompted some interesting discussions over lunch.
  • 1 hour for keynotes seemed about right.
  • It would be great if we had some diversity in our keynoters.

Website & communication

  • Registration form came up very late.
  • Announcing keynoters as soon as we know they are confirmed will create press and excitement for GUADEC.


  • The Park Party was very nice! Nice idea with the donation box.
  • Lunch was great.
  • One thing that has been bugging me after the event is the whiteboard behind the stage in the main room - it had details of the wifi written on it untidily, and appears in a lot of photos of people doing their talks. In future it would be great to try and ensure that the background behind speakers looks nice and isn't distracting.
  • If possible, it would be better to have the info desk close to the entrance and main auditorium.
  • It would be great to have some generic GNOME t-shirts and merchandise on sale, as well as the conference t-shirt.
  • The WiFi should be tested before the event and information should go on the badges. - Kat

  • It was a relief to have a Code of Conduct - I got a lot of positive feedback from individuals about it. - karen
    • Good to have a Code of Conduct, but still not a fan at all of how this specific one was worded. Since GUADEC, I've read the Linux Foundation one and the Flock one which are both nicer than the one we had at GUADEC in my opinion - teuf

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