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Through the new iconized buttons applications like epiphany are hard to operate via keyboard only. (At least there are no shown mnemonics.) Additionally other apps lack intuitive keyboard accessibility at least partially. (e.g. Notes and Boxes)

When thinking about keyboard navigation, users who really need this, not just for convenience, come to mind. The extreme cases are blind users, in my mind, because pointer navigation just doesn't make sense. I think there is much space for improvement to get the right information read out by orca.

I have written down some thoughts about these things here (feel free to modify/ignore it):

I am currently in contact with some blind Gnome users and they provided me a review from their point of view of the whole Gnome experience.

Possible Attendees

Estimated duration: a few hours

To Whom does this Matter

  • Application developers who have not yet thought much about keyboard navigation in their application.
  • Application developers who have thought about keyboard navigation and are wondering if this is improvable (be it for their app or globally)
  • Orca and a11y members who can tell us how to do a good job here.
  • Blind users who can tell us some of their experiences.
  • Any other interested entity.

Possible Things to do

  • Plug out your mouse or disable it.
  • Check your app for accessibility.
  • Learn and discuss how keyboard navigation is done the right way.
  • Learn and discuss how applications can play nicely with orca.
  • Most importantly: Think and speak about new and old concepts of keyboard navigation.
  • Feel free to add more!


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