Le Pitivi & GStreamer hackfest

As we do every year, we should assemble the people working on Pitivi, GStreamer and GES to talk about the state of affairs, design/brainstorm UI features, hack together, reproduce complex bugs, sync up & mentor gsoc students, etc. People from the stack/related projects (GTK+, GLib, etc.) are also more than welcome.

People at GUADEC planning to attend

  • JeffFortin (on Thursday 31st)

  • Thibault Saunier
  • Mathieu Duponchelle
  • Lubosz Sarnecki
  • SebastianDröge (only Wednesday and Thursday morning)

  • Tim-Philipp Müller
  • Le Édouard Hervé
  • Fabian "cfoch" Orccon
  • ... feel free to join us! You can also add your name as an attendee on the G+ event.

Estimated duration: 3 days (all day for all BoF days: July 30-31, August 1)

Suggested ambiance: http://di.fm/nightcore

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